What Makes it Bearable

I’ve got so much that I want to say about this trip but I just can’t wrap my brain around the words yet. It has been very emotional and I hope to write about it soon.

The last few days have been an adventure in every sense. We were up late washing loads of vomit laundry just hours before our ride to the airport came at 3:30 am Monday morning. Following that, Claire slept for two days, which was a scary way to start the trip. Wednesday Jared had a lot of work to get done so I planned to take Chloe to learn about research while he got to business. The only problem, I spent most of the night with a migraine and hugging the toilet, so when it came time to go, I was in bed, trying not to move.

It wasn’t how things were supposed to go. Jared (aka Captain Awesome) fed the girls and got them to the appointment by 8am and brought a plate of food up to the room for when I was ready for it. He managed to work while the girls watched High School Musical in one of the autonomic recordings and Chloe was a superstar with all the changes to the plan, she rolled right with it.

By the afternoon I had my feet back on solid ground and we went out to meet another family in the trial for dinner. After that we decided to walk the 2.5 miles back to the hotel and it was nothing short of pure joy. Claire giggled as she rolled over the bumpy sidewalk and her sweet smile finally graced us for a while. I listened to the gentle breeze rustling the leaves on trees. Chloe talked non stop about all the things she observed and Jared grinned. IMG_4636I’m finding that Boston is just life condensed. There are days when it all goes wrong and others when it goes all right. The thing that makes it bearable are the people I’ve got with me on this adventure. I’m thankful that Jared and I can be doing this together. I’m grateful for the bond that Claire and Chloe share and how everyone agrees, the priority right now is doing our part to help Rett syndrome.

More to come on the many other very interesting aspects of this trip. This is my lengthy way of saying, I couldn’t do it without my awesome crew.

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