Boston Doesn’t Suck but Rett Syndrome Does

I really wanted to beat Rett syndrome. I wanted to out plan it. I didn’t realize it at the start but I feel confident saying that as I look back. When we signed up for the trial I was hopeful that this could be an empowering experience, that we would be able to soar to new highs as world changers. I wanted to give Claire back some of what was stolen from her with this mutation.

The thing is, Rett syndrome isn’t something to win against. It’s an ever-present part of our reality that frankly makes it much more complicated. I want to look back on this process and see it as a series of adventures but honestly it feels more like a repetitive ass-kicking. That said, I’d do it again, in a heartbeat.

We didn’t sign up to get treatment for Claire, that’s not what clinical trials are for. We hope that this will be part of a process that will lead to treatment for Claire and all the girls in Rettland. Most importantly, we wanted to enable Claire to be part of her solution. We wanted her to feel like she made a difference… and she has.

The best part of this process has been seeing her transform outside of the effects of the drug. Claire has developed a confidence that transcends words. She has a peace about her that stems from doing what she could. There is a smirk on her face as she rolls through the airport terminal that subtly says “you’re welcome world”. She has loved getting to leave her mark and I am so glad that we’ve done it.IMG_4905

I promise it hasn’t been all hard, there have been many highlights and that will be my next post. Today I’m taking a moment to realize that even awesome things, when tainted with Rett syndrome become incredibly challenging. We love Boston and being able to be here but it wasn’t an escape from Rettland, more a change in location.

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