Adventures at the Raceway

IMG_1079Lately everything has felt like a huge effort. The highs have been so high because they have taken every once of my being and the lows have depleted me to new levels of empty. Captain Awesome put it best when he described our life “not so much like a roller coaster, more like an F-16 on and off an aircraft carrier.” So when it slowed down and I started to rest and restore I barely knew how to function. I kept closing the trunk on my head, forgetting things like my wallet when I went to the store and falling asleep just about everywhere, I was a mess. Apparently I have two modes, bat crazy and hot mess.

Perhaps that is why I was caught off guard when the awesome crept back in. Jared works for Ducati so he was able to get us tickets to the World SuperBike Races that were in town. Claire loves racing, so much that it normally gives her seizures. In fact, we didn’t go last year because the year before she had huge seizures just as we pulled in and the risk didn’t seem worth it. This year the weather was great, crowds weren’t supposed to be huge and Captain Awesome and Miss Amazing were delusionally tired so we decided to go.

We got a slow start, stopped by Whole Foods for some picnic stuff (since I haven’t prepared food in FOREVER) and headed down with low expectations. There were two rules for the day.

1.We stay flexible.

2.We have fun.

We ended up staying longer than we expected, steeped in the glory of race fuel and loud revving engines. We laughed, relaxed and basically sat back and just enjoyed the day. It was so weird but so awesome. There was no huge exertion of effort, no mountain to climb before we got to the good part, it was just a good day. IMG_1002

Makes me think all of the traveling might have another silver lining, after going to Boston for 48 hours going to the races is cake! We might need to find more easy fun, I could get used to this. IMG_1064