Giveaway, the People of Rettland

It’s the middle of January, the glitter from the holidays is all gone and I am in the trenches of Rettland. Between seizures and appointments trying to organize food for the family and be responsible with our finances. It would be easy to get down but then I look around. I see close friends, therapist, teachers, researchers and many others that all make this crazy life the beautiful mess that it is. One of those people is Kaycie, a designer that created a beautiful functional scarf for her niece that has Rett syndrome. It is often the little things that make a big difference. For us, having a cute scarf for Claire to wear out has given her great confidence, like any girl would feel rocking some new hot fashion. Kaycie has generously offered to to let us giveaway a certificate for an Angel-Scarf.

photo 2

How can you win? Simple, tell me about somebody that you’ve met on your adventures in Rettland. Maybe a new friend, another mom, a doctor that has changed your life, a stranger that was compassionate beyond expectation. Just share your story of the people in Rettland.

-If you blog about somebody post it to the wall on facebook

-Tweet or Instagram your story with the #rettland

-Comment on this post

Whatever you do, share it by midnight on Saturday January 24th. I will pick the top three stories and Kaycie will then pick a winner to be announced the following Tuesday. I can’t wait to hear about the great people from many different corners of Rettland.

Disclaimer: I’ve never done this before, if I have left something out or if there are any problems, email me at