An amazing weekend

I know I am still posting a little late, but our weekend was just too rich to keep to myself. It started for me at 4:15am Saturday morning as I left for work. It was such a fun day a Starbucks and I got to work over 7 hours, something that doesn’t happen often. Customers were coming in ready for the beach and in a good mood. It was one of those days where even when things were going off a bit, there was excitement and intensity and everyone was having fun with it. The highlight was Claire coming in with Jared, the look on her face when she saw that I worked there was puzzled at first then she released a big grin. It is one of her favorite places to visit, she gets a disgusting amount of attention when we go there. We spent the afternoon just hanging around the house, riding the tricycle and other such fun that is appropriate for warm summer weather. Sunday we were off to the church gathering early in the morning and then home for lunch and naps. When we were back up it was off to Kelly’s Bakery to meet our friend Tim. There is something about sitting on the patio with iced tea, a cookie and the sunshine that just helps me to let go. A bunch of wineries just opened tasting rooms in the same area so we walked over and the boys were excited to find a local vinter with an amazing complex pinot noir and a port that will be released in December. We thought that it had been a perfect day and we started to head home. We then decided that we would take Claire for a quick ride on the carousel. So we went to the boardwalk, rode the carosel, got a big cherry icee and played in the waves before sitting on the beach and watching the sun set, with, I kid you not, a few dolphins frolicking in the bay. It is times like this that remind me how little I am, and that if I sit back and watch God be God, it will be a lot more beautiful. The picture is Jared and Claire once we finaly made it home.

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