A diverse pallatte

One of the great things about living so close to the ocean is that there are lots of yummy things swimming around in it. Friday a friend went fishing and captured a bunch of rockfish and crab. As you may know I am a huge fan of slow food, it doesn’t seem to get slower than this. We were invited over on Saturday for Ciappoino to celebrate the catch. As the soup cooked we sat around picking out nuggets of crab meat and thought that we would see if Claire enjoyed the sweet richness of the crab. Turns out that she is a crab eating machine, who knew. She also seems to enjoy calamari even when it is not breaded and fried. The soup was spectacular. I found it best to avoid using a spoon by using several pieces of fresh bread to soak up the tomatoy goodness. Claire’s feeding extravaganza continued as she enjoyed pancakes and crisp bacon this morning. We then went to church where she got to play with the other kids her age. When we picked her up we learned of yet another culinary delight that she seems to enjoy, popsicle sticks dyed red and covered in glue. Who would have known? This is Claire’s “Tower of Babble,” I love how they were able to incorporate her different sounding speech into the lesson.

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