The glass is a quarter full

Last night I had the opportunity to spend a little extra time with some friends that I have made working at Starbucks. It is really fun to have one foot in a world that doesn’t involve therapy or advocating or genetics talk (not that I don’t love that stuff, I do). During this time I also got to enjoy one of the best cappuccino’s of my life, which was really good for my soul. As I sat there thinking how I have got to do this more often, my friends got to a discussion that involved the glass being a quarter full, I love it! That is really where I am at. Sometimes Jared thinks that people have no idea that our life is so hard and complex because I put on a good face. I have been thinking about this concept against the back drop of Psalm 118. God has blessed me with so many amazing days, many filled with my sweet little Claire. Although it is hard sometimes when people ask questions, it is so rich at the same time. Recently Claire’s little buddy Grace came over for a few hours. As we were in the car on our way to have Claire fitted for new AFO’s (little plastic boots that go in her shoes) Grace asked why Claire needed to go to the doctor. I responded to the affect that the boots would help Claire to walk better. The next question fired off by the sweet 3 year old, when will Claire be a big girl like me. I tried to explain that Claire is a big girl. She is sleeping in a big girl bed and using the big girl potty, and soon she will be 3 too. Fortunately I think I bored her to death with my reply and the next statement was beautiful. Grace looked at Claire and said, “I love you little Claire, you are my best friend.” As I fought back tears I represented Claire and told Grace how Claire loves her and that she is Claire’s best friend too. As I go through these moments it seems that it could be devastating, but so beautiful that God gave us a sweet little Grace who loves Claire, even if she doesn’t talk. So I think that I am going to go with the glass as being a quarter full, but really, I am not entitled even that. I haven’t put pictures up in a bit, if you would like, I have added to my flickr page, we were in Monterey on Saturday.

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