The sound of music

Today we had to trek into civilization to see one of Claire’s doctors. Since we were close, we paid a quick visit to Ikea. As I bolt from the car to the returns area (a 7 minute walk) I sang with Claire like I often do. I never really thought of it until one of the cashiers gave me a long, and painful stare. It wasn’t an annoyed, ‘shut your screaming kid up’ stare. It was more of a ‘you look crazy and should be locked up’ stare. It got me thinking, why doesn’t everyone go around singing? I am guessing that they are too busy and self conscious. The weird part is, I am not a singer. There are a handful of musically talented people in my family, I am not one of them. I used to sit in the front row of church so that nobody could here me sing. Today I find myself with a child who craves music, melody and rhythm. After mulling it over a bit I have decided to continue the signing in all circumstances, it is really fun. I really do believe that the world might be a little bit better if everyone sang a bit more. Imagine, a musical at Ikea, brilliant! For those of you interested in the doctor stuff, Claire is doing great! Her head grew a lot and has put her back on the curve, in the 3rd percentile (her head size has never gotten to the curve, so that’s exciting). If you have seen her lately and thought, wow, she’s tall. She is, Claire made it to the 20th percentile for height. She lost 2 ounces, I told her doctor that with those long legs now she wants to be a model.

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