She blew it!

Today Claire has decided to assert her two year old sense of humor on me, I have finally stopped laughing so I can share this with all of you. Let me set the background for you. We spend a lot of time working on oral motor skills. January we started to use a straw, by June she had gotten good at it and could even drink water (think liquids are more difficult). We are also working on blowing a flute, something that she has gotten very good at in the last few weeks. She has also dabbled in blowing bubbles in her apple juice, and I ignore the behavior. Today it all culminated. We had been enjoying lunch, she was well rested after a long nap. We had to use the potty in the middle, so this left her in her shirt and diaper as we got to the end of the meal. She hadn’t eaten a lot, so I gave her the option for some Superfood, one of her favorite things. I am lazy, so I figured that I could put a straw in the bottle (like I have done 100 times) and hold it for Claire. She enjoyed it and was all smiles, then her smile got a little wider. She went for another sip and boom, everywhere, massive bubbles and superfood all over. After the shock of being covered tow to diaper in green juice, she laughed hysterically. We wiped everything up and she was very interested in having some more juice. We talked about how blowing bubbles in juice is a no, no and she had another chance. Sure enough, more bubbles, but she controlled it to stay in the bottle. Needless to say, we will be using cups with lids, because blowing bubbles is fun, and it’s harder than it looks.

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