We Get By With A Little Help

IMG_6597-1(1)It’s been a long week, month, year (or two). When I hear people talk about our life it sounds exhausting. It would be completely understandable for me (or any parent in Rettland) to manage just to survive while caring for somebody with Rett syndrome. The thing is, I’m thriving. Here is why, we have awesome people around us.

Today I got a text from a friend that received a google alert about “Claire’s Race” which is happening tonight. (If you want to see the article for yourself you can click here) I was over the moon excited for several reasons.  To start, our ridiculously awesome neighbors organized this event that has already raised over $7,000 for Rettland Foundation, that the event is even happening brings me such joy. Next, news about what is happening made it to out without me being involved at all. Add to that I have friends who text me when they see alerts about Claire. Little did I know, it got even better.

While I was at home,reveling in the awesomeness of the people around us, Claire was at school. On Fridays the 4th graders participate in “genius hour” They work in groups and research whatever they want and make a presentation. Today, Claire’s group was working on their presentation about Rett syndrome and when they search for information online, the article about “Claire’s Race” popped up.

Let me be clear: there was a point I never thought Claire would have friends or be included. There was a time that nobody had heard of Rett Syndrome. Today, while she was in class, researching as typical 4th graders do, information about people fundraising to help popped up and it was our story.

It isn’t all sunshine and rainbows and there are hard days, but keep dreaming because things like this happen, they did for us. I am just in awe as I sit back and think to myself, THIS IS WHAT RETTLAND IS ALL ABOUT and I am so glad you are here.

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