A day

The day started out so well. Claire was a champ sitting while she had casts made for her new AFO’s. She smiled as she laid for the long process of sizing to fit her new TLSO. She was amused when she was supposed to lay flat on her stomach but she pushed herself up on her forearms. After that success she went to Kid Quest and I went home to work on a project that I’ve been meaning to get to for years with a friend. All and all it was a great morning. photo

Then I picked up Chloe, we ran a few errands before picking up Claire and heading to physical therapy. That is when she brought up the discussion of why does Claire get an ipod and I don’t. Broke my heart to hear her say, “I know, it’s because I can talk and Claire can’t” The kicker, she wanted to listen to music on her headphones because the music she wanted would have given Claire a seizure. She can’t just wait her turn, her turn never comes when Claire is in the car.

Thankfully Claire kindly agreed to share and it was a quiet ride to PT. Claire did a stellar job using the power chair with her hand and Chloe only needed 1 band-aid from riding her scooter around the parking lot at the same time. We loaded up the car and headed to the last stop of the marathon day. I was at a red light, several blocks from our appointment before I realized that the lift gate was up, the windows weren’t THAT clean. I closed it and continued on. A bit further down the road and I look back at Claire and realize that she is sitting well, especially considering that I had forgotten to put her seat belt on. I quickly pulled over, fastened the seat belt and called a friend to laugh with, to keep from crying.

Final stop was dropping off the registration for the after school program for Chloe. That went smooth except for the 5 minutes I spent panicking because I couldn’t find my check book, which ended up being in Claire’s wheel chair cushion. We went home to collapse with Disney Jr. and I contemplated not cooking dinner. Something told me that using a knife and fire seemed like a bad idea.

As I scoured the fridge Claire went into a huge seizure. Chloe rushed to her aide. I took over and she ran to get the oxygen like any typical 5-year-old would. We got Claire stable. She went back to Jake and the Neverland Pirates and I stepped outside to listen to the wind in the trees. Which brings us to dinner. Also known as adventures in take out. Like I’ve said, when in rettland…

2 thoughts on “A day

  1. Donna Genzlinger says:

    You aren’t the only one who has forgotten the seat belt…. And last week I forgot to close the door, but it wasn’t the rear door, it was the one where Abby sits! Fortunately, I did have her seat belt on then…. I’m really good at take-out. And at delivery, too! Hang in there!

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