Living in Rettland is often very different, complicated and far from the reality that others experience. However, sometimes it so simple, it reduces life down to it’s core, where hard things are easily understood. This week I have learned about “enough”. Claire got a blister on her foot because her AFO wasn’t put on exactly right. Within 24 hours it was infected and she was covered in bumps and red splotches. Captain Awesome and Miss Amazing had done it again. We felt horrible as we held Claire down while she got two shots of antibiotics. Nobody ever means to put a brace on wrong or let the skin get dry so infection blows up like that. The truth of the matter is that we were distracted making sure that she was breathing because she stops doing that all of the time. We might also have been giving some sort of attention to Chloe, that happens sometimes. After an exhausting day getting Claire fixed up we went out because there was no food in the house and the sitter was scheduled to be there. While we were out we chose to celebrate. We celebrated that we don’t screw up more. We celebrated that what we do for our kids and for each other is enough. Honestly, it wasn’t hard to come to that conclusion because Rettland is a bullshit free zone, there is no room for drama. So even though I still haven’t sent in the forms for the field trip that came home last week or folded any of the laundry that has been washed over the last few weeks I know that I am doing enough and that it’s alright. I did take Claire to the doctor right away to get antibiotics so that her fever never got high enough to through her into cycles of seizures and vomiting that typically end up with her aspirating and getting pneumonia. I kinda feel like I am winning on this one. Whatever battle you are fighting right now, in Rettland or somewhere else, do what you can and rest, knowing when it’s enough.


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