Maybe November is my month

I feel defeated. I was so determined to take October back. I gave it a really good try, I really did. I have however come to the conclusion that since Claire’s birthday is in October, this might not be the best time for me to really revel in a season, at least for the foreseeable future. When you live in rettland there is too much stuff associated with the birthday. We’ve seen neurologist and pediatricians. We had a lengthy home assessment with IHSS, an IEP meeting that was almost 3 hours and still isn’t done, not to mention another social worker with a ton of forms and three year old goals and then there was the blasted grieving that goes with the diagnosis day. Then there is the birthday party and I’m not a party person. Claire has never had a real party with her peers. Last year she actually got a cake(I even blogged about it, big deal!). So building on that success, this year we had a party and by party I mean bowling, it’s was great! Claire has been very particular about who to invite and what she wants and as great as it is to get to honor her and plan this, I can’t say that I enjoy it. All that to say, there is too much going on in October for it to be my favorite month. Sure there will be highlights; pumpkin soup, apple picking, birthday parties and random fun at the beach, just not all the fun that we had frolicking in the wine country in our pre-children life and that is just fine. I am going to have to move my favorite month to November and I feel really good about this. I feel like there is less to do in November and more to enjoy. It is a really good month for food and I love food! It is also the month of our wedding anniversary and my favorite holiday, Thanksgiving. So goodbye October, I am going to enjoy November now.

One thought on “Maybe November is my month

  1. i think this is the best idea yet. you are full of great ideas-but this takes the cake! wish I had been a better friend and thought to send something in the mail to cheer up the D-day for you. But as ours approaches, Im trying to kind of forget about D-day as you are doing with October. 🙂 hope it wasnt too rough. love you all.

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