Silly Monkey

I know that I talk a lot more about Claire on this blog than I do about Chloe, mainly because if it was just fun little Chloe I wouldn’t need a blog to sort through all the mess of my head, she is easy! I never understood why people would want to have such large families after having Claire because just the one was so exhausting. But now with the perspective that Chloe offers, I get it. Chloe gives, she gives joy, she gives life, she offers freely. While it might just be my incredibly biased opinion, I think that Chloe is very special. For starters, she is smart! Yes, I am a proud momma. At first I tried not to think about it much. I didn’t look at developmentally where she was supposed to be because I have found those charts to just be depressing. In the last few weeks her language has exploded and several people have told me how advanced she is, I have to say this is something new to me and I like it. Tonight, as Claire surprised us be standing completely on her own for 15 seconds Chloe exclaimed “AMAZING!”, it was so sweet. Not only is she sweet, she is so compassionate and caring. When Claire gets upset Chloe will look at me and say “Claire is sad.” then walk up to Claire who is normally bright red from screaming and crying and will kiss her forehead and tells her that she loves her, as I think to myself, AMAZING! When we walk away from people she says, “bye, take care” and also greets people with a “s’up dude!” and some sort of silly expression. Not only is she smart and a sweet spirit, Chloe is a girly girl! How has this happened to me twice? I am not sure, but Chloe looks to outpace Claire with her love for princesses, tutus, jewelry and makeup. She is our silly monkey, such a special little girl that I am so grateful for. I just love getting to spend the days with her and all that she is teaching me about laughter, fun and general silliness.

3 thoughts on “Silly Monkey

  1. Yes I agree she is amazing and super smart and beautiful! I always enjoy to see her. On the other side she reminds me how fast time is passing! I saw her for the first time when she was a little peanut! And look at her now

    Big hug for Chloe!

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