Third time’s a charm

Jared and I have always enjoyed music. Before we had kids, we enjoyed a lot of concerts. We still like to try to get out when we can. There were three concerts that we had wanted to go to within a two month period. I know it sounds crazy to go out three times in two months, but we were really going to try. First was Green Day. We had last seen them when I was 9 months pregnant with Claire, back when we had no clue that there was anything besides sunshine and roses ahead of us. Our sitter canceled at the last minute and it was the most disheartening process to try to find somebody to sit at our place while our kids slept. For one reason or another, no body was around. At the last minute, our dear friend Tim called to say he could come over, as long as they stayed asleep things would be fine and if not, he was strong enough to handle a full hour of both of them screaming while we rushed home. Sure enough they slept fine. We got to the concert just as they were starting. It was a good show, they were great performers and could really get the crowd going. It was fun, we enjoyed it and went home, tired. The next round was Jimmy Eat World, we couldn’t find a sitter at all so I ended up going by myself. Which in hind sight, driving up to the city by myself with a dead cell phone to a venue that I had never been to, maybe wasn’t the best idea ever. It worked out well, it turned out that our pastor was in the same box as I, small world! As always I enjoyed there show, it was actually at the exact time that the pepsi challenge closed and rett syndrome awareness month started. I have to say how great it was to hide from that all for a few hours. The music was loud and it was a lovely vacation as it always is. The third show we wanted to see was Mumford & Sons. We had only recently started listening to them and have fallen deeply in love with the album. So you can imagine how my heart sank when the sitter called to cancel the day before the show. I felt like Job as I thought, “Why do you forsake me?!?!” I knew in my heart that God had it and I couldn’t see it all, but it really felt like he didn’t care much about my need to get the smallest amount of a break. As it turned out, I wasn’t all alone. Our friend Chris was able to spend the night at our place so that he could catch an early flight and we got to go without worrying about getting home on time, phew! Finally, third try and we left the house with plenty of time and weren’t super stressed out and might even enjoy a show. I am really at a loss for what to type next. The show was amazing! I don’t mean amazing in a well produced sort of a way. I mean amazing in a new way to experience emotion and feeling. It might sound crazy, alright, it most likely sounds crazy. I feel like a new person after watching that performance. There just aren’t words for the blogosphere to explain what that night did to my soul, but it is good. I figured the best way to explain was to just share some clips I found on youtube. You have to remember that they don’t touch the awe so seeing a guy play a guitar and belt out a song while using his feet to control a bass drum as well as a tambourine, but they will show a little sliver of what I saw that night. I am posting two videos. The one titled timeshel is for my rett family. I am forever grateful to have you along this journey. The other is one of my favorite songs with footage from a show. I enjoyed it so I thought I would post, just in case you might too. More to come on the whole feeling and emotion thing.

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