Numb written by Chloe

I am out running in a park with some other people. The sensation of my feet hitting the ground fills me and fuels me. Suddenly, I can’t move. My feet are stuck in some thick fluid, wet cement, perhaps I am frozen to the ground, bound by an unknown substance.

Nobody seems to notice my immobilization.

At least, not many people. A few of the people running by reach out their hand, but my own do not grip and the hands are gone before I can reach back out. I become hyper alert as the world spins faster. My breathing accelerates, just enough to make it difficult.

All of the colors are brighter, all of the sounds louder.

I can no longer sense myself. I can’t feel my limbs. I can’t feel my breath. I know they should, but the feelings, the sensations, they don’t come. It is as it, I am watching a movie that I was supposed to have a role in.

I need help.

I try to cry out, but my voice won’t work. I am vaguely aware that I need to cry but my eyes are dryer than ever.

I can’t move.

I can’t feel.

I can’t speak.

I can’t cry.

So I smile.

2 thoughts on “Numb written by Chloe

  1. Jw says:

    I saw a lavender product inspired by Claire so I came and found your blog and read it for a while. Thanks for writing it, and good luck.

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