8th grade

I’ve always felt a little conflicted about what I share on social media. Lately, it’s been one of my favorite things. Every morning I eagerly check to see what forgotten memories occurred on that day. I have a good pre coffee cry and try to get on with the day. This weeks was a doozy. The caption read:

Best Monday ever. School starts next week but today Claire was at an ASB workshop. Normally at this point in the summer I’m waking up vomiting from the stress of all the eminent 911 calls when school starts and the inevitable heartbreak of Claire not having friends and being excluded and other. Not this year. I’m trying to figure out her Apple ID because there is a group text she needs to be a part of. I’m terrible at technology and this is my new favorite problem. Hello 8th grade, we are ready! Also, thank you to the many people who have believed in this girl along the way. All that effort is indeed paying off.

It had taken years, but we finally had all the people with a complete understanding of Claire’s potential and willingness to put the energy in to make things happen for her. That day we felt like we were on top of the world. As much as it hurts, I’m so glad I shared this so that I could be reminded of it now. I had completely forgotten about this part of the story. The only part of back to school 2019 I could remember on my own was the sick feeling I had, taking Chloe for her first day while Jared was in the PICU with Claire. Yep, the year that we had set up so perfectly didn’t go according to plan, but eventually it worked out. Claire had a pretty great run from September-March when the world stopped. The time she had with the ASB group was one of the best things that ever happened for us. Claire made real friendships and was included and even got in trouble, everything I could have dreamed of.

I’m sharing this now for a few reasons. Obviously, I just really like telling stories about Claire. Also, I want the families of girls that are younger to know that so much is possible. Girls with Rett Syndrome can absolutely be management material. I am also including the page from her yearbook because I am just so wildly proud of her. I really had given up on middle school being anything but a nightmare and she sure surprised me in the best possible way.

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