Our Little Boston Miracle

IMG_1766I still can’t believe that in a few short weeks, our little family will pack back up and head to Boston for our final trip of the IGF-1 clinical trial. This process has stretched me in ways I cannot begin to describe. While we have lived through some very difficult things as a result we have also had experiences that have led to joy that exceeds my previous understanding of joy by so much, it has been everything that an epic adventure is and more. For this reason Boston will always be a very special place in our hearts.

With that said, I have a really fun story to tell you. When we were in Boston this March, freezing in the snow while Claire was sick, our home sold. This was a good thing because we really couldn’t get Claire in and out of it or bath her without breaking our backs, but it led to a problem of sorts, finding a new home. There was little on the market, nothing in our price range and every home had lots of stairs. Luckily we were so tired from the travel that we really didn’t have the energy to worry about it.

Better yet, we had an amazing realtor ready to do everything in his power to find us something. He posted a picture of our family to facebook and asked if anyone in the area wanted to sell their home to us and wouldn’t you know, it worked. Some incredibly kind woman reached out and said that she had a house for us. It’s crazy how perfect it was. Almost no lot (we are not yard people), a bedroom and bathroom that needed to be updated on the ground floor along with the kitchen, living and dining areas and big glorious trees all around. The icing on the cake, red brick on the front to remind us of Boston. Where we live nobody uses brick, it’s not a West Coast thing.

They waited to put it on the market until we got back from Boston but we had to see it right away. We were jet lagged and on only a few hours sleep over several days. We walked through once and without looking at anything else or thinking too much, we made an offer.

Since then it’s been quite a process to remodel and move. Now that the dust is settling I love to sit back and revel in the miracles that are laced all through the story of our move. Down to the red brick on the front, this place is perfect for us. The room in the garage for a lift, that was really great too.

Keep on adventuring and looking for the miracles, they are out there. When things are hard ask for help and when you are going to move, be sure to get the best realtor in town. IMG_1759

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