No Doubt

It occurred to me this weekend that it was exactly 8 years since we moved to the Santa Cruz area. I had been very ill and living over 700 miles away from Jared for months. As tired as I was, I was optimistic that the crazy was behind us and the normal happy life I had dreamed of was about to start.

You can imagine my surprise when the next day our pediatrician asked me what happened to Claire. It had been 6 months since we had seen her and she was very concerned. We started early intervention that week and a few months later got the diagnosis.

I’ve learned a lot in 8 years. I’m just as optimistic but also more aware of reality. As I take a moment to pause in between preparing for 10 days in Boston, the crazy of our daily and life and the process of buying and selling homes all I can think is, I have no doubt.

I have no doubt that things are going to go sideways. At the very worst time something very unfortunate will happen. On previous trips we broke the handles to the wheel chair and Claire had crazy seizures in the airport bathroom. Certainly, something like this will happen again.

I have no doubt that we will get the joy of experiencing humans at their best. When you are out adventuring in Rettland amazing people seem to be everywhere. The largest single donor to Rettland Foundation last year was a stranger on an airplane. In cabs, at baseball games, all over the place, we get to connect with really beautiful humans and it is the best part of living adventure style.

I have no doubt that we will make it. Sure we’ve agreed to sell our home and we have no idea where we are moving but it will work out. We will be ragged tired after our trip and not get a chance to recover before life resumes pace but somehow the process won’t kill us.

In a life where everything is crazy and upside down, it’s the one thing I know. When you live big and you dream and you chase it, it will hurt and it will be awesome. I have no doubt. photo

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