Better Days

I’ve had a few better days since the last post. Thank you to everyone who reached out in support and prayer, it was deeply appreciated. It is amazing what a difference some kinesio tape can make coupled with a decrease in seizures. It no longer feels like the city is burning down around me, more like sitting in a pile of ashes, looking around and not knowing where to start.

We leave for a long trip to Boston in a few weeks to resume the IGF-1 trial. Our condo goes on the market next week and I assume that some time soon we will need to find where we will live next.

There is an odd sense of peace, maybe complete and utter exhaustion is a better way to describe it. Claire only stopped breathing once today and when I was writhing in pain I didn’t have much else that needed my attention, so I could sit and be still instead of having to push through.

I keep looking back at times we have been through that have felt worse and we made it through. I know somehow I will again have energy and we will be back to adventuring.

If you are out there, trying to figure out how you are still so tired on the better days, you aren’t alone. Living in Rettland is just so tough that sometimes even the better days will leave you ragged. Don’t give up. On the bright side nothing stays the same for that long here either.

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