Awesomeness Overcomes

Today’s story comes from our time at the beach yesterday where I learned, yet again, that awesomeness overcomes jackassery. Chloe had a play date and Claire’s PT was canceled so we had an extra hour. Claire made it abundantly clear that she wanted to go for a walk down by the waves, so we did. She giggled as I carried her down the flight of stairs. It was one of those unusual days where her brain tormented her less, her body was calm, she clearly tried to talk through her coughs and her laughs. We were both overflowing with contentment. It was 70 degrees and we were standing on a beach, basking in the glory of surf and sun.

Claire did a lot of standing and stretching, so I told her that I would carry her the rest of the way if she walked up the first few steps. She smiled so big (which is very rare for her) as she put one foot in front of the next as she passed the goal mark. She kept going and I kept helping her about 2/3 of the way up the stairs. As surfers passed by they would make small comments about how lovely the day was and I responded that we were enjoying it. I think Claire liked that nobody said anything along the lines of “oh, wow, look at you go” The immense undertaking was understood but it didn’t define her in that moment, her overall awesomeness did.

Slowly and surely, Claire walked up the stairs to this point.
Slowly and surely, Claire walked up the stairs to this point.

I carried her up the last few steps and we were off to go home and collect Chloe. Before we could do that, there was a gentleman that was parked on the striped lines adjacent to the disabled parking spot my car was in. He sat there with his window open so I told him that his car was blocking the space for the wheelchair. He rolled his window up and stayed put. I was in shock as I struggled to get Claire in with the narrow space he left. After I got her wheelchair in I called the police. I am new to this so I called the wrong number and got transferred a few times. Just as they dispatched he left. As we drove home I muttered to Claire, more than once, that I couldn’t believe the man was such a jackass. She laughed. I told her not to tell anyone that I swear, she laughed harder.

That night as she was all tucked into bed I thanked her for being so awesome and for being better than that jackass. Claire cracked up, the babysitter cracked up and I was on cloud 9. The whole ordeal was a little insight into her personality that I wouldn’t have had otherwise. I love that Claire isn’t some delicate little thing, she’s a little rough, much like me and has a fabulous sense of humor. When I think back to yesterday, I will remember our fabulous time in the sand and Claire’s sly sense of humor more than anything else, because awesomeness overcomes.


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