Be the Awesome

It’s Tuesday #whynot

Yesterday I shared this picture. Claire’s physical therapist is on vacation so we had a little extra time after school. It was sunny and warm so I figured a walk by the waves would be fun and it was. But there is more to the story. Monday was horrible. Massive seizures while I had diarrhea was a horrible way to start the week. The day finished with more seizures accompanied by massive 5-year-old meltdowns and a mom who curled up on the couch with take-out and three hours of tv as soon as they went to bed. It was not the wonderful start to January that I had hoped for.

Then Tuesday came and it was a new day. Claire’s brain and my intestines both felt better. Chloe got a good night’s rest and was back to her positive and vivacious self. So after school, for no reason other than it seemed like a good idea, we went and got ice cream and took a walk to have fun. As we walked and Chloe rode in figure 8’s down the path I thought about last year and this year and being awesome. Last year was so full and wonderful I am nervous about following it up. Then the lightbulb went off in my head, it was awesome because that was the choice we made and I can continue to do that. It’s the small things as much as the big things. We all want to live in an awesome world and it really isn’t that hard. On the days that it works out and you can, go be awesome.

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