Wild, that’s the thought that keeps going through my head as I slyly grin. The ups and downs have settled from aircraft carrier to roller coaster levels. With that the tension in my soul has eased. Last year was our first really living in a long while. Each holiday and milestone that I made it through without tears or anxiety felt like a catapult off an aircraft carrier. It was such a rush to live like that but at the same time exhausting to go so high and then so low.

The August trip to Boston followed by Rettland Foundation getting it’s 501(c)(3) was the last catapult. Slowing down has been hard, there have been days that the exhaustion was debilitating. About a week ago things leveled out and I was finally able to really get back to our normal, which is still crazy, rather I’d like to call it wild.

It was birthday week and the expectations were low. Honestly, so was the effort. We got a pumpkin pie from Costco and I dug out a jacket I had bought at a sale a while back. We went to dinner at Claire’s favorite place. Despite my low hopes (I assumed she would be a seizurey mess) it was all very lovely. Claire was relaxed and herself and she enjoyed the celebrations and felt special.


In the midst of all of the birthday stuff a lot of other life happened. I won’t bore you with the details but it is wild. Wild to dream and see something so much bigger come from it. Wild to have life exceed expectations. Wild like a fun roller coaster, I’ve got my hands up and am just enjoying the ride. Certainly it won’t last like this for too long, roller coaster rides never do but they are fun.

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