The View Here

It’s funny how perspective changes everything. Earlier today a new neighbor said hi to me while I was getting the mail alone. She asked if I had the two girls, I smiled and said yes. After a stuttering pause she got out, “and the one, she’s handicapped” I told her that Claire had Rett syndrome. Her next comment caught me off guard, she remarked how it must be so hard and that many people wouldn’t do it, rather send the handicapped person off somewhere. I said thanks and walked away. Later on I ran into another neighbor as I left to get dinner. She turned and really asked me how things are going. We talked about how busy October is. Her response, it must be so hard, but somehow it all just works out. We talked more about the world I am grateful for that I never would have known if it weren’t for these circumstances that make things hard. Both recognized it was hard, but what that meant really changed with perspective.

It was a good reminder that I choose adventure over chaos each day. Today Claire had a filling, her teeth cleaned and two teeth pulled. Somehow she laid quietly, watching the movie on the ceiling and squeezing my one finger. When it was all over and she hadn’t had a seizure or choked on anything I could have kissed the dentist. I could have stressed or avoided it. But we took it one step at a time. That is what living an adventure is. Not looking too far ahead or too far behind. Living in the moment and making small adjustments as you go. That’s how you get to those places, the one’s with the amazing view that makes your heart soar. Sometimes that view is smile, of a very brave and courageous girl.


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