Wash Out

IMG_1319It is hard to believe that we’ve been home a week already. I thought that we had done a pretty good job of balancing rest and getting back into the swing of things. Claire is loving 3rd grade, spending nearly all of the day in her inclusion class and coming home with big smiles. Chloe is so enamoured with being a Brook Knoll eagle like her sister, kindergarten is off to a great start as well.

Despite being back to “normal” as they call it, I spent yesterday afternoon bawling my eyes out. It was the ugly crying that your eyes hurt for hours after and your nose gets stuffed up and you feel like you can’t breathe. I tried to not think about it but I miss giving Claire the injections. I have learned the hard way that the hardest part of participating in the trial isn’t the flights or the autonomic recordings, it is the waiting, the doing nothing. For the next 162 days Claire’s body is washing out whatever it was that we were injecting into her. Claire is fine, in fact I am pretty sure that she prefers to not get shots twice each day. It is nice having one less thing to remember but I miss it.

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