Small Miracles

IMG_0831Recently I’ve been surrounded by small miracles. I see them so real and so up close that I often feel like my eyes hurt from being so close to God’s face as I see all these miracles. From money to help the families in the trial at just the right time to Claire’s neurology appointment moving to the absolute best time possible to already having a sushi date scheduled with my partner in crime on the day that I just want to quit, I have been surrounded by small miracles the last couple weeks and it has been amazing.

But it hasn’t been enough. Even with such proximity to the most beautiful parts in life my soul aches as the silent tears roll down Claire’s cheek. My heart breaks as I stop counting the seizures or how many days in a row its been. Too many is the short answer. I am grateful for the small miracle that still Claire hasn’t aspirated and gotten pneumonia but I want bigger miracles.

I want miracles the size of God himself. I want years without seizures and drugs that allow Claire to talk. I want somebody to fund the rettland foundation so I don’t have to. I want to hear Claire laugh all the days of her life and for them to be long.

For now, I’m off to sushi. Thankful for the small miracle that we set this up a while ago and that we have all the equipment for Captain Awesome to manage the crazy at home and not be forced to the hospital. I am thankful for the miracle of you and that you’re here in rettland with us.

I’d love to here, what miracles do you see, big or small?


6 thoughts on “Small Miracles

  1. Marea says:

    The miracle of learning what her ‘yes’ and ‘no’ are! (and of the timing of a stranger’s wise words that mean I don’t feel guilty that it has taken me so long to work it out)

  2. The miracle of telling her that the yellow fellow wearing a black cap is called an American Goldfinch. And he must like her very much for singing so prettily.

    And watching her watch her first hummingbird stop for a snack at her window.

    Finding out that her favorite thing about the new house is the skylight and she can’t wait for a thunderstorm.

    Having nursing care so that I can start to go grocery shopping again. Most of them time.

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