This Is Rettland

Rettland from Christopher Chandler on Vimeo.

Funny story. Last year I drank a lot of coffee. Alright, every year I drink a lot of coffee. As I savored my tasty beverages I’ve had a chance to meet some pretty neat folks. One of them happened to be an aspiring film maker. He took an interest in our story as we signed up to go to Boston and as I thought about doing something bigger. Over time he kept asking questions and hustling for Claire’s approval as all the great baristas do.

I don’t exactly remember how it went down but at some point he mentioned that he could make a video for me. I knew all great kickstarter type campaigns needed a video so I was in. Then I got busy, going to Boston and back and starting a nonprofit. After months of talking about it, we sat down, his excitement was contagious as he explained how he wanted to share our story and all of the beauty he saw in it.

As I realized that with the time that had passed, this guy had been honing his skills. He wasn’t pouring coffee and dreaming about a movie. He had a laptop and a storyline and all sorts of fancy words. When I realized the level of production he was talking about I remembered a friend that had done something similar, a dad to an amazing little boy with MECP2 duplication who is amazingly generous and happy to help somebody starting out.IMG_7373

Fast forward to today. Chris shared the finished film. Erica and I announced that we would shave our heads if we could raise $50,000. I got so many messages and notifications that I burned threw my phone’s battery in record time. I was overwhelmed by all the awesome in Rettland. Then Claire had a doozy of a seizure, a rough rest of the day that was followed by more seizures at night.

So I sit back and take it all in. Yes. This is Rettland, rugged and beautiful, filled with so many truly amazing people and I couldn’t imagine being anywhere else.
If you would like to help please donate or share what we are doing. Thank you.


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