Make a Wish

I assume a lot of 4 year olds forage for pennies to toss into a fountain and make wishes. Chloe does. She recently found a collection that she had forgotten about and begged to go to the mall and make wishes after school. I really didn’t want to fold laundry so I obliged. As we got closer to the mall she asked the profound question, “Why didn’t my last wish come true.” We had a discussion about how throwing a penny won’t really make anything happen but that hard work and good choices can get things to change. Then I asked about what the wish was that went unfulfilled.

photoIt was about Claire. Her wish was for the medicine to let her play with her sister. Claire’s been getting shots for a few weeks now and Chloe has noticed that she isn’t all better. Her wish didn’t come true. We talked about her lemonade stand and all of the other families out there running marathons and holding strollathons and working together to make a better medicine. We talked about how things in life just take a long time. As fast as research for Rett Syndrome is progressing, it’s a lifetime in Chloe’s eyes and not fast enough.

We went to the fountain and she through her pennies one at a time while closing her eyes. When she was done I asked if she wanted to share her wishes. First was to be a pirate and then to be a mermaid. There were a few more along those lines and I thought we were in the clear. Then she shared her last wish. “For Rett Syndrome to just go away, not like get a medicine that helps a little, just for it to like, go away and then Claire just wouldn’t have it.”

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