Baby Steps

rettland2We are getting closer. Life is some sort of surreal mix of girls playing, meetings to go over the details of the million things that need to be done so that we can launch our first family support project and then a few seizures here and there so that things aren’t too boring. All that said, could I ask a huge favor, it’s simple, I promise. Could you ‘like’ our facebook page for the Rettland Foundationand by clicking here. If you see any posts in your feed, could you comment or like it, pretty please? It helps more people to see what we are putting out there. If you fall into the category of somebody who wants to help financially, I’ve got our donation site set up and you can click here to go and make a one time or recurring donation. I am so excited to share the details of what we are doing but I can’t until we get some money to do it. Enough talking about this, more posts soon about our adventures as I see some fun things on the horizon.

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