Reality Check


With all of the excitement of starting a nonprofit I’ve been getting more of the “you are a superhero” stuff. I can’t lie. It’s pretty amazing. Hearing the excitement in people as I share what we are working on, it makes me heart nearly explode. Seeing people want to support my dream financially is unreal. If that’s you go ahead and click here. Having 140 likes on our facebook page in the first 24 hours blew my mind. See for yourself, follow this link.

But let’s get something straight, while I do often refer to myself as Miss Amazing I am no more a super hero than anyone else. Yesterday, after a full day of preschool I picked up Chloe, ran home and put the tv on so that I could take a phone call to work on a few details for the foundation. While I was talking Chloe protested that she was starving and demanded to know what was for dinner. I opened the fridge, remembered that I forgot to go to the store or cook like I was supposed to and told her that we were having macaroni and cheese with hot dogs. Since I was pretty sure that neither of my children had been anywhere near a vegetable all day I added some broccoli to the pot. This morning, when I saw Chloe run and get the oxygen to take to Jared I laid in bed and messed around on the iPad because I didn’t want to see Claire like that.

One of the more valuable lessons that I have learned here in Rettland is that there is an equal value in all of humanity. Children that cannot speak deserve to be treated like ones that can, not better than them. Moms who run marathon and serve of committees are no different that moms who don’t, they just do different things with their time. The girls that embrace Claire as an equal and want to change the world for her are no better than the ones who ware still figuring out how to say hello to her. This is real life, we are all doing amazing things, all of us.

6 thoughts on “Reality Check

  1. maren says:

    Your last few sentences are eerily similar to a post I am writing right now. Not even close to finishing it, but it will come.

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