The Normals

I haven’t had the time that I’d like to write lately. We’ve been out adventuring with nothing too eventful to report. I guess you could say that it’s just been a great case of the normals. We’ve all been healthy. Claire’s friends blew my mind with their heartfelt presentation about Rett Syndrome to their Brownie troop. We went rollerskating and had a blast. The weather has been amazing and Chloe and I have been loving our time in the waves. It’s surreal really. I haven’t been processing life or surviving it. I’ve been enjoying it. I know that this isn’t really normal on any level but since it’s better than what I’m used to, we are just going to go with it.

10014335My little project, the Rettland Foundation is getting a bit more organized and had it’s first board meeting. I’m trying to push my way through the mountain of work that is involved with obtaining 501c3 status and setting up a corporation. Even though it is a lot the possibility of all that will come from it is so much more. That said, it might be a while before I am back again. Until then, I wish you all great adventures, in Rettland or wherever you may be.



If you can’t wait another day and really want to support the Rettland Foundation we have an address PO Box 7362 Santa Cruz, CA 95061


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