The Seriousness of Hope

IMG_9104-1Just after I published my last post, Claire gave us a good scare. Things change so quickly here in Rettland. This round, as fast as things went down they also went back up and Claire surprised us yet again with her resilience and ability to fight. This round also left me exhausted again as I am also facing some of my own health challenges. It is when I am this down, this desperate and overwhelmed that things some how seem to make the most sense. Yesterday I was reminded of the “seriousness of hope” in an advent reading. I tend to hang on to hope in an exhausted, last ditch effort of not giving up sort of a way. During the advent season a purple candle is lit to symbolize the coming of Christ and the seriousness of our hope. For whatever reason, in my delusional fatigue that phrase echoed inside me. Hope isn’t a tiny little thread or some small beacon way out in the distance, it is promised, it is given, it is present and it is overwhelming. It is this hope that I have, the joy that comes with it that allows me to breathe, even when Claire isn’t. It is not a guarantee that it will all be easy but it allows me to see out a little further, love a little more and step out in faith when otherwise I wouldn’t. I have hope first because of my faith. I also have hope as I have seen the terrain change a little here in Rettland. I absolutely love watching how families are seeing glimpses of greater acceptance, girls being educated and valued as the priceless gifts that they are. Awareness is spreading, the research is building. The seriousness of hope is filling me and I hope that it does for you too.

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