Further down the road


It’s hard to know where to start this story. Thanksgiving was fantastic. We were taken in to a friends family and it was wonderful, the best Thanksgiving in Claire’s life, we have been so blessed to have friends like we do. Since then we observed Hanukah and spent 8 days reflecting on the miracles that we have seen and meditating on how God redeems things. In the middle of that I got see a little miracle, right before my eyes. A family who’s daughter was diagnosed with Rett Syndrome just a few months ago moved to our area. I got to attend her transitional IEP meeting this week. As I sat at the table, I saw her two loving, smart, strong parents that were exhausted and overwhelmed along with a social worked and a representative from the school. The meeting went well. The two assessments that are outstanding will be given by people who know and love Claire and I have no doubt in my mind that their little girl will be starting out on a stronger foundation because of this. As I drove home from that meeting my spirit soared. My effort to educate educators about Rett Syndrome is now bigger than Claire. Don’t get me wrong, I will go to whatever lengths I have to just for Claire but having it benefit others, it’s a new level of joy. I watched parents learn that the process would make sense for their child, they weren’t subjected to the torture of ignorance that we went trough with our first IEP. I am further down the road now and I can look back and see that as we’ve been wandering around, trying to sort things out we’ve actually paved a narrow little path that others can look to as a guide. It encourages me as what we deal with now will soon be further down the road. Hopefully I will look back again and be able to see the redemption of those struggles that we had way back then.

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