IMG_0681-1I can’t believe that October was THAT awesome. I woke up early this morning to look at the pictures from last night again and my heart just about exploded with joy. The last few weeks have been transformational. I want to discuss that more but I really do need more sleep before I can do that, like weeks worth of sleep, so it might be a while.

What I can say is that October was awesome because of the people that were in it. The teachers and social workers that I spent hours with making sure that Claire is well cared for. Our Rett family that we shared pain and grief with as well as a resilience to change the future for all of our children. Our friends that did normal/awesome life with us, between lemonade stands and shopping trips there was so much laughter and joy. Then there was everyone that supported our Boston campaign, some people that I know and some that I don’t but each person who donated and shared truly inspired me. Our lives were blessed by so many different wonderful people.

We transition now into November, a season that we focus on gratitude and all that we have to be thankful for. What I am thankful for most right now are the people in our life. To celebrate this I get to share their stories of gratitude with you over the next few weeks. I am really excited, I hope that you are too. It might be a while longer before I write again but do check back here as you do not want to miss the amazing stories that I will be sharing.

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