Today’s Reality: Physical Therapy

Physical therapy is a very big part of our living in Rettland. Claire does pt with a horse once a week and twice a week she works with the lovely Sue. Sue is one of the people that continues to really challenge me on how I see Claire. She was the one who told me I was crazy for not wanting to enroll in the IGF-1 trial. Long before that she started a conversation with us about independent mobility. At first I thought she was crazy, I was really taken back, honestly the thought had never crossed my mind, other than Claire learning to walk. For a few weeks Claire has been working on controlling a power chair with her head and each time I am shocked at the progress she makes. I guess I have become happy to just not loose function, making progress had fallen off my radar. Thankfully, Sue and Claire worked together to put it back up there. Claire alternates, working on the power chair and walking on the treadmill. We are making slow but steady progress with both which is really amazing. It isn’t a cure but it’s what we’ve got today and that is a very powerful thing. IMG_5132

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