Ready to Admit It

IMG_4516It is no secret that I was dragged into Rettland kicking and screaming. At first I tried to focus on Claire for Claire and pretended that she didn’t have Rett Syndrome. Then I tried to fix it with every therapy and activity that could possibly help. When that didn’t keep the seizures and breathing problems away I got kinda pissed off about it all. Eventually I just got tired and stopped and tried to just take a good inventory of where we were. I tried to understand the landscape of Rettland. It looked so bleak when we got here, so barren. Slowly, I followed Claire as she led me into a secret place inside Rettland, a place that I would never have found on my own. The journey to this place has been slow, the scenery gradually becoming more beautiful and lush. I woke up today and looked around and can actually say that I like it here. We have found the most incredible friends here and connected with people on a level that I never would have imagined. I have seen vulnerable little girls change people’s lives as they share their special light and insight. I am witnessing generosity on levels that continually blow my mind. I look down and I see a path, paved by those that have gone before us and further down I see researchers and doctors, working on improvements to make the journey easier. We aren’t alone in this, the barren landscape that greeted us wasn’t the final destination and if I hadn’t gone through it I would never seen all this wonderfulness. I will say it again, just so it doesn’t get lost, I really do actually like it here, at least on some days.

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