Same but Not

One of the things that continues to take my breath away in how varied the landscape is in Rettland. By that I mean that the children that are affected by Rett Syndrome very greatly. There are Leah and Avery who got diagnosed a bit later because they walked and didn’t show signs as early as Claire did. There is Amy who started off with heart problems and didn’t get that period of typical development because of that. Olive has a twin sister and that has made her story unique. Sorel fights against muscles that are too soft when Claire fights muscles that are too rigid. The challenges that are caused by Rett Syndrome affect each child uniquely. Each in their own way, they reach out, with their piercing eyes and and strong smiles and connect us all. There’s a level of human connection that these girls demand. It really is amazing to me how with such different stories, these girls and all of the others out there change and mold their world.

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