Unexpected Victories

Sometimes when you are in Rettland victories come from where you least expect them. This morning we were sound asleep when Chloe came running into our room, asking for help because Claire was on the floor. We rushed in to find her on the floor with her face buried in blankets. Jared took a deep breath, a “will she have a pulse or not breath” and bent down to roll her over to find Claire wide awake with a giant grin. We don’t know how long it took her to get that far away from her bed, she has no bruises that we can see. What we do know is that she was ever so proud of herself. After a talk about why that is not safe and how the rule is you stay in your bed until it’s time to get up, same as for Chloe, we celebrated. She got out of her bed and across the floor of her room on her own. I don’t know if she rolled, rocked or wiggled to accomplish this, but it doesn’t really matter, go Claire! Funny how we see things differently and celebrate what seems crazy. We will be upping our defenses, so if she accomplishes this again I am going to be very curious about her modalities. 

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