Simple Pleasures

We are solidly back in reality. The well behaved 4 year old that went with us to Arizona is overtired and rather disappointed that the world no longer revolves around her. Jared is playing catch up at work and too tired to talk at the end of the day. Claire’s had three appointments and tomorrow we get to go up to LPCH for the scoliosis clinic. I woke up with a terrible headache and nearly passed out after my physical therapy. This is real life, it sorta drives me crazy and at times can be a bit depressing. Laced throughout it there have been a few simple pleasures. We donated a csa box to Kid Quest (Claire’s summer home away from home) upon Claire’s urging us to do so. The joy on the faces of the staff as they sifted through the heaping bag of veggies was priceless. It was a moment of slowness when everyone in the moment was thankful for the process, the farmer that grew it, the parent who provided it and the staff that will lovingly cook it with the kids for tasty meals that will be enjoyed together. Later in the day Chloe finally earned a few minutes of ipad time and chose to climb into her sisters bed and share it with her. It’s nothing life shattering, the world would keep spinning without it but these simple pleasures, sharing things that we enjoy, that’s the stuff that heals my spirit when I am surrounded with piles of laundry and fighting off back pain. I can deal with that in a world that’s simply awesome like this.

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