It’s no wonder I’m tired

I know this comes as no surprise, but I am still tired, ragged edge of sanity tired. I dropped my cup of coffee, completely full, for no reason other than I let go tired. All sorts of little things have been slipping through the cracks. I missed a deadline to file some important papers for Claire’s insurance. Claire’s new shoes bruised her toes and it didn’t occur to me that is why she cried when she walked for three days, it was her pt that figured it out. I carried Claire down three flights of stairs to get from our car to our home only to remember that we moved in because of the elevator, that was so perfectly right next to my car. I am just not thinking well right now, I am not feeling either. It is a little scary to feel so numb, maybe this is my attempt at looking over what we’ve done and seeing why I am so depleted. I can’t articulate well the highs and lows, so I will share a few pictures and a video clip of something that is very exciting to be working on.

We enjoyed the aquarium and ran into a favorite friend.
 I parked with a nice view while Claire slept off some crazy brainstorms.
Of coarse, when she came back a few days later she was more fabulous than ever.
We enjoyed a few decadent mornings before Claire worked on her walking and standing.
We took the girls to Monsters U, which they loved.
We tried to wear Chloe out on her scooter, to no avail.
Jared and I got out for 2 hours, the first time in months!
We met up with Claire’s friend from school at the aquarium, first real play date was lots of fun!
We celebrated the 4th of July with a parade and fireworks.
One of my oldest friends came up to visit. We headed up to Sonoma for a little child free space.
Chloe has started to climb trees.
And Claire has started to work on this…
There’s been a lot of highs and lows, now to figure out how to get rest 🙂

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