My thoughts on awkwardness

I remember what it was like, I can recall not knowing what to do or say when I was faced with something different. It doesn’t have to be awkward. You don’t have to pity me. Sure it might be obvious that I am beyond exhausted as I struggle to smile in line at the coffee shop. While I sit and spoon feed my 7 year old daughter you might see how different she is and maybe feel bad about that, perhaps you feel a slight twinge of guilt about the small things you take for granted. There is another option, aside from the fanged pity smile you fake as you try not to look. You could smile confidently at me like you do the other moms out with their children. If your kids have a question, let them ask, it is normal to wonder about things that are different and I have a lot of good answers for you. If you feel like you are staring, compliment my daughter on her cool wheel chair or her fancy shoes. Remember that just because our life is obviously difficult, it doesn’t mean that we aren’t trying to make the most of it.

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