Why I write

With the whirlwind that has been life I haven’t been reading and writing as much as I like to. Yesterday I had to really fight for it, fight for the energy, fight through the fear that I was being too much of a downer and whiny and I am really glad I did. For whatever reason, yesterday’s process was so therapeutic, so healing, it was the perfect reminder. As I sat in the coffee shop staring at my screen
another writer saw what I was writing and remarked that the whole world should read it and that I really deserved a much bigger audience. Not going to lie, I really liked hearing that as I am pretty insecure in my writing. Once I posted the blog I got two message from people that I have had the pleasure of meeting but only because we had met in the blogosphere. I was reminded that I wasn’t alone in this, that there are many on this path and that through the magic of the Internet we don’t have to feel so alone. So thank you, to those who leave messages on the blog or Facebook, for those that message me and to those of you that write and share your stories, thank you. Things get overwhelming and scary more often than not and I was reminded yesterday of the gift that I can share those hurts and fears and be surrounded with good company. I was reminded of the benefit of the process, so we will see, perhaps you will be seeing more from me in the next few weeks, months, I really hope so.

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