A few of my favorite things

Like much of the rest of the world, the last few weeks have been very full. I think that 2012 marks the best Christmas for our family yet. It wasn’t all pretty but there was certainly more ups than there were downs. I feel like I am stepping into 2013 with a pretty optimistic point of view and not just because it can’t possibly get worse but rather things seem to be getting better. So here are a few of my favorite things from this holiday season.

Jared took a week off and we got to have an amazing lunch that I got to eat while it was still hot!

We went to our favorite Christmas party, complete with horses and a fire engine.
On the way home we got to stop by the place that I live in my dreams.
We spent eight nights talking about miracles and how God is really super big.

Of course I made food for the occasion. 
Chloe enjoyed playing with the nativity that I played with as a child.
We hung our stockings by the fire for the first time.
Claire had loads of fun at her 1st grade class party.
I got the best gift ever, seriously excited to smash something soon.

We had a blast on the train to Christmastown with my parents.
My little brother and I had some fun.
The girls got to open their stockings together, no seizures!

We managed to have a little fun with some of our gifts.
I got to see both our girls sing in the kids choir, rather, Chloe whistled the song while Claire smiled.
We got to have a little more fun with some family that came through town.

To top it all of, Claire started today with an amazing PT session where she did several things that I thought she might have permanently lost. First she maintained on all fours and when the therapist asked Claire if she wanted to work on sitting, she sat up to high kneel all on her own, it’s a pretty big deal and she was pretty excited about it. I was too. I hope that you have all had a holiday season that you were able to enjoy and that you have a safe new year.

3 thoughts on “A few of my favorite things

  1. Thanks to Amy's fb post, I see you have a blog! The video was great. But I could not help but look at some other of your recent posts–and could not believe the photo of Chloe and the nativity. I had the exact same little navitity when I was a girl, but it was lost! I loved it sooooooo much. So fun to see your girlie enjoying it!

  2. Lisa, small world! I think that nativity is my favorite Christmas decoration and it was the first year that it got played with over and over, certainly something that I did not take for granted.

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