One at a time

It was a hard day. One of those days that you just feel like you are being kicked over and over. Claire would turn a corner and then out of nowhere, boom, more crazy brain problems. I felt defeated. It is hard to balance what you can and can’t control on days like this. Thankfully Jared and I were scheduled to get out for a few hours tonight. The tide was out so we went down to the tide pools and the beach. As we walked down the stairs I saw a big starfish in one of the pools and went right too it. It looks so vibrant from far away. As we got closer you could see that some of it’s arms had been eaten off and they were regenerating. It was just what I needed to see and be reminded of. We were made to be adaptable and that starfish and Claire are perfect examples, I need more reminders of this when I am this tired. We walked on and enjoyed the waves and the sunset. I couldn’t think about the next day. I don’t know what it will bring or how I will deal with it, but one wave at a time great things happen.

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