Claire’s Crusaders

It is that time again. Last year I really wanted nothing to do with Rett Syndrome awareness or fundraising. Still I was (and still am) painfully aware of it and as much as I struggle with how to share that awareness, it happens. One of the things that I am continuing to learn is how much other people enjoy it when I do share.  Recently, a new angle has been added to this story, Chloe. It has been humbling how she has changed my perception of the whole rett situation. Honestly, she has been the driving force for my participation in this years strollathon. She wants to share her sister with the world and wants for her sister to be able to go to the doctor and get “better”. Chloe has reminded me that I want those things too. So it is with great excitement that I promote our team, Claire’s Crusaders and ask that you might consider visiting our fundraising page here to make a donation and be a part of the solution to rett syndrome. Thank you.

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