Happy Birthday to Captain Awesome

Today marks 33 years for Jared and I felt it appropriate to celebrate him here to start the day.

Captain Awesome, you make the most interesting man in the world look boring.

You enjoy scotch and cigars by the fire one night and have your toes painted with glitter while watching princess movies the next.

You ride your bike through the forest to get to the ocean because you know how to have a good time. 

You can screw things up pretty good but figure a way to make it all better.

You always have my back when that clever little three year old tries to pitt us against each other.

You take a day off to scrub the bathrooms and take care of the hair bow/ribbon “situation”

You can laugh and play games in an ER or a surgeons office better than anybody else.

You work hard all day and rush home to read stories and love on the girls.

You can hug other men that you barely know because you know how rett can make a man feel.

It hasn’t always been pretty or easy but you have never quit my love and I am so proud of you! I can’t imagine this life without you and look forward to when things settle down and we can begin to pick our own adventures instead of having them slung at us. Maybe we can hang glide over the ocean or climb El Capitan. Wherever the adventure lies, I know it will be good because you are part of the story.

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