What’s a long Friday with a little spilt milk?

You might have guessed that having a piece of cancerous skin removed from my head actually wasn’t as fun as it sounds. Of course Captain Awesome and Miss Amazing made the best of it. You should know that it is a lot harder to volley an inflated glove more than 30 times with no double hits than it looks. Also there are a lot of jokes to be made about the smoke and burning smell when they cauterize your head, especially when one of the people in the room recently had a vasectomy. We were released with a clean bill after two hours. Shortly thereafter the numbness wore off and that was a bummer. It didn’t help that we got the call from school that Claire’s non-seizure, scary seizurish weird stuff was going on worse than normal. I had expected that. Her normal aide had a family emergency and despite the very best of intentions, the stand-in didn’t see the episodes coming like our over-the-top extra super awesome normal person, which is to be expected. The rest of the day was pretty bumpy. I was exhausted, apparently doing nothing in a doctors office is exhausting? and Claire then had real seizures which suck. We all went to bed early that night and planned for a low key weekend. Saturday Claire and I opted to stay home and watch our new dvd, The Parent Trap. I can’t think of a thing that can make one feel better than sobbing at a moving story with the fabulous acting of Lindsey Lohan. Well, watching the original I suppose, but we haven’t added that to the collection…yet. I digress, we had started the movie while Chloe and Jared finished up lunch. Funniest thing, as Chloe finished eating and started to watch the movie Claire became very upset. As soon as we asked her if she wanted them to leave, she immediately smiled and glared at her sister. They left and we enjoyed the rest of the movie in peace. We don’t often watch movies that are more age appropriate for Claire than Chloe as Claire is normally the one who falls asleep and seems less interested, but not this time. It was so great to see her belly laugh at all the slap stick jokes and cruel pranks, she loved it! Watching the movie she was so engaged, if you wouldn’t have known, she looked like any other little girl enjoying the story. It is hard to remember that it is so common that after seizure she is often much, much better. Her eyes were brighter, her laughs louder and her desires stronger, it was really pretty great. That night at dinner, Jared commented that it looked like she was trying to knock her milk over. Before Captain Awesome thought to move it because she actually she could, Claire did in fact knock it over. It went everywhere and she sat there with the biggest grin on her face. I asked her if she was playing a trick on us like in the movie and she spoke “yeah” and laughed. I will gladly clean up spilt milk to hear her speak, it was lovely. Since then she has really embraced the mischievous side of herself. Chloe even picked up on it and instead of giving Claire the role of Scuttle, the seagull from the Little Mermaid, Claire is now Ursula the sea witch and Claire couldn’t be happier about it. So I guess it’s just back to normal life. I am really tired and my head hurts. Claire is having a mix of amazing highs and lows and Chloe broke the bookcase with her head today, but that is another post.

Side note, there are a few of you out there who have been loving on us in the most amazing ways and I have to say a huge thank you! From the lasagna that you drove over even in bad traffic to the ice cream that you gave to me that long day at school and the roasted chicken dinner, I am humbled and blessed. Each of the women that have blessed us with food are people that I consider it an honor to have on my journey. You are all such strong, brilliant women that I have gleaned so much from, thanks for taking care of me this week. I needed it more than I knew, but you knew, that’s part of why you are so great.

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