Verve is amazing

This certainly isn’t the first time that I have mentioned Verve on my blog. But I don’t think that I have ever had a post just about them and I figured that my month of amazing was the perfect opportunity to do it. Sure it’s coffee shop, a really good one at that, but to me it is so much more. It was the good coffee that got me in the door at first and if I am honest I don’t often get coffee anywhere else because I have been completely spoiled by their consistent high level of quality. I haven’t found anywhere else that makes coffee that I like, of course, Captain Awesome being the exception, he’s been known to make phenomenal coffee at home. The insanely good coffee aside, Verve has been a safe place for my children. People don’t stare at Claire, the staff always talk to her and know that her favorite thing is a cup of whipped cream with chocolate sprinkles. It is also a place that Chloe enjoys. They have not only tolerated her craziness but embraced it. When she stood in the corner and peed all over the floor they were so gracious in how they handled it. I am pretty sure that it was the baristas at Verve that first introduced Chloe to high five and giving knuckles and now they engage in her asking everyone the same questions over and over. Last summer, Verve was the only public place that I could take both girls to by myself. In part because Chloe knew the rules for the space pretty well and in part because if she jumped off a chair or some other sort of shenanigans I knew that it would be fairly well tolerated. It also helps that they have great access to disabled parking and a bathroom big enough for Chloe to push Claire in circles inside in the event that I might have to pee. Now that summer is over and both girls are in school four days a week I am most often here alone. It’s a place that I can enjoy being, not doing anything and that’s a pretty big thing for me. In fact, there are a lot of people just being here. Sure some of them are busy working away. There are the super cool hipster types on their various levels of apple products (admittedly I am sitting in the corner typing this on my ipad with my fancy bluetooth keyboard) and the professionals that meet to discuss some sort of business. Then there are some that read and others that are there to socialize and some of us who just sit. It is a beautiful mix of all sorts where it’s all pretty much accepted and there doesn’t tend to be one predominant group. It doesn’t hurt that it is a short walk to the beach from here and that I often here Michael Jackson playing in the background here, what more could you want along the lines of ambiance? All that to say, Verve is amazing. Between the wonderful staff and unparalleled coffee, I sure am lucky that I get to have this place as a part of my life.

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