Erica is Amazing

I’m not sure, but I think that I first “met” Erica on facebook. Then I met her in person at Erika’s Dream in Feb. 2010 for about 30 seconds. Eventually we met again and it was then, at Pizza Antica over a long lunch that I realized that Erica was AMAZING. We laugh now, how I remember telling her that she needed to get into Katie’s Clinic to get connected with the doctors and therapists that would be more helpful. She was stressing because her insurance wouldn’t approve it and didn’t believe me that she could just call them and it would work out. It’s funny because now Erica is the coordinator for Katie’s Clinic and she’s the person to talk to if you need to get in. It is also just a little funny that the two of us are friends. If it weren’t for rett syndrome our worlds would never have intersected. She belongs to a country club and likes to play golf (Erica you know I don’t hate you for this!) and I am hippie who only wears flat shoes and spends my free time canning what I get from the farm we belong to. Yet somehow, tonight we had dinner and we didn’t talk about rett syndrome. In fact neither of us talked about either of our children. I’m not sure what we talked about but I do know that we did each buy a pair of shoes at Nordstrom, albeit two very different pairs of shoes. Erica’s been my travel buddy on a few different adventures, Erica you are right btw, Virgin is absolutely the best, hands down, thank you for introducing me to them! I have truly been blessed with getting to have Erica as a friend to walk with me on this journey. Her perspective is often very different than mine but it makes me think outside of the box that I live in and I so deeply appreciate that. She’s a vibrant woman who has faced challenges including but not limited to rett syndrome with such dignity and grace. She’s not afraid to talk about all the crying and sadness that goes on and how truly trying it all is sometimes. One of my favorite things about Erica is that despite all the extra rett crap she has not lost herself or her life. It is easy to feel guilty and not do the hard work of taking care of yourself but she does. Erica is sorta my hero for this, I hope that someday I can be as good at having fun as she is. So that is my little bit about Erica. If you think that she is amazing too, leave a comment, she’d like that.

Thanks for the birthday dinner Erica, you are indeed amazing friend!

5 thoughts on “Erica is Amazing

  1. Omg!! You are too awesome for this!! You know you're sorta my hero too, right? For canning stuff and not shopping at target, among other things! And is that the better of the two pictures?? My nose looks like Jimmy Durante's!!

  2. mj says:

    Can I leave 37 comments? I think she's at least that amazing. 🙂 As are you. And I'm so bummed to be missing out on these dinner dates/shoe buying trips. But, glad I can live through them electronically. Miss you both. Have fun this weekend!

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