Valentine’s Day, minus the heart attack

Last year I blogged about my Valentine’s Day Heart Attack. I am so glad that it has come and gone this year with absolutely no contact with a neurologist, doctor or any medical professional. In fact, it was rather normal. Sure, Claire didn’t really eat (rather what she ate didn’t stay down) or sleep well on Monday. Tuesday she was a little emotional, but with the help of Natalie the most amazing aide on the planet, we made it through. So here are a few pics from our super average holiday, yeah for average!!!!

Claire stamped her name on all 50, yes, 50 of her valentines

She also got her special valentine friend some super cool stickers for his new ride.
Chloe expressed herself with glitter and glue, there are no pictures from the process due to safety concerns.
While the girls were at school I got to take a walk with a good friend, love that!
Pretty sure that Claire’s favorite part of the whole thing was this super cute hello kitty that she got from her friend Josh, between the boots and the tutu, he’s got Claire’s number!

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